Choosing a theme such as "We Love People" in 2013, isn't it pure provocation ?
Yes, it is ! But do we seriously consider that economic growth will happen in the future without a sound and positive People Management strategy?
Still, even if we're all convinced today of the absolute need to further invest in our teams, most of the decisions are actually based on emergency response and crisis management and tend to harm our staff's integrity. We know that our people will BE the first asset of our organizations, the primary way to build competitive advantages in the future. So we have to tackle this together.

"We Love People"
is not (only) an HR issue ! People Management is a shared responsibility through boards, exco's, managers meeting, etc... The role of HR is to spread the word and make sure that the People & Organizational topics benefit from perfect alignment of all top executives within their company or institution.

As usual, we are determined to put positive practices under the spotlight by all media necessary ! We want to share with you the right things to do in order to improve wellfare of our people and, doing so, develop sustainable businesses. This will be the starting point of the first Peoplesphere Great Escape, gathering the best People Managers in Belux.

Are you ready to take the challenge and play with new ideas, concepts and paradigms... Are you ready to reinvent yourself and get the tools to (re)boost your executive committee ?

Be part of the Peoplesphere Great Escape from 11th to 13th September in Bilbao !

Session1 So Many Good Reasons to Be(come) a Social Entrepreneur/CEO...
Creating jobs, creating value, creating growth of course
Session2 Don't Manage, Love !
Workshop led by Laurence VANHEE - Chief Happiness Officer at SPF Social Security - with love...
Session3 We Love, Therefore We Care !
How you can improve life of your people through NWOW a.o.
Session4 Love & People Metrics, Really ?
When Love Makes the Boards Go Round...

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The Great Escape

The Peoplesphere Great Escape (formerly known as the mRH Congress) gives you the opportunity
to challenge your People Management Vision & Strategy with an exclusive panel of innovative CEO's.

MORE INFO: TGE@PEOPLESPHERE.BE - +32(0)497/504 247

Programme :

Wednesday September 11th Thursday September 12th Friday September 13th
go 07.00 am - Leaving Brussels South
arrival 09.00 am - Arrival Bilbao airport
bus 09.30 am - Transfer to the city centre
Hotel Domine Silken (By Bilbao turismo & convention bureau)
coffe 10.00 am - Welcome coffee
Kepa Olabarrieta, Director of Bilbao Convention Bureau
sessions 10.30 am - We Love People !
Start of conference session 1
Gregor CHAPELLE - CEO Actiris
eat 12.30 am - Buffet Lunch
sessions 02.00 pm - We Love People !
Start of conference session 2

Workshop Don't Manage, Love

Catherine DEBOLLE, Commissaire générale - Police fédérale
Laurence VANHEE,CHO SPF Sociale Zekerheid
coffe 03.30 pm - Coffee break
sessions 05.30 pm - We Love People !
End of conference session 2
Social 07.00 pm - guided city tour (powered by Bilbao turismo & convention bureau)
eat 08.30 pm - Pintxos (tapas) and dinner
in the city centre
cocktail 10.00 pm - The Splash and Crash bar
at the Hotel is available !
coffe As of 07.00 am - Breakfast at the hotel
sessions 09.00 am - We Love People !
start of conference session 3 at the hotel
Marc DICK, Managing Director Getronics
Leo VANVLIET, CEO Zeeuwse Stromen
coffe 10.30 am - Coffee break
eat 12.30 am - Lunch
sessions 02.00 pm - We Love People !
start of conference session 4
coffe 03.30 pm - Coffee break
sessions 05.30 pm - We Love People !
End of conference session 4

Frédéric LIPPI, Président CA Lippi Ent.
08.00 pm - Gala dinner at Guggenheim Museum . Specially design by chef Nerua
cocktail 11.00 pm - Party time at The Splash and Crash bar at the Hotel
coffe As of 07.00 am breakfast at the hotel
Social 09.30 am - Social activities :
Guggenheim Museum visit
sessions 09.30 am - Optional : We Love People ! Extra time workshop in the Domine Silken Business Lounge
eat 01.00 pm - Lunch at Txakoli winery
Social 02.00 pm - Social activities :
The Amazing Basque Cellar Tour !
- Visit of Gernika (Urdaibai, Bermeo, San Juan de Gastelugatxe, Bakio)
eat 05.00 pm - Pintxos (tapas) buffet at the hotel before leaving

06.00 pm - Transfer to Bilbao airport

(By Bilbao turismo & convention bureau)

go 08.15 pm - Leaving Bilbao
arrival 10.15 pm - Arrival Brussels South
Biblao Turismo


Silken Gran Hotel Domine Bilbao
The Gran Hotel Domine Bilbao, facing the Guggenheim Museum, is the Silken Hotels' first five-star and the chain's pride. The GHBD expresses a contemporary concept that avoids ostentation and promotes fun. The project is infected by its neighbour, the Guggenheim's, activity and offers a space that contains a selection of furniture that represents the most emblematic design from the 20th century.

Registration is closed!

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